Rural Health

Rural health training centre within 15kms radius, under the administrative control of Principal, is available for training the students in community oriented primary health care and rural based health education for the rural community attached to the hospital & medical college.

Residential arrangements for boys, girls and interns with mess facilities will be provided at the rural health centre. College buses are accessible for both students and staff for carrying out field works, teaching and training activities by the department of Community Medicine (PSM).

Currently the college is attached with below RHTCs and UHTC:

  1. Community Health Centre, Sundarapalya
  2. Primary Health Centre, D.N. Doddi
  3. Primary Health Centre, Marikuppam (UHTC)
  Population – 26,121*
  4. Primary Health Centre, Andersonpet (UHTC)   Population – 21,220*
                                                                                                    *(Population details as per Censes 2011)








Rural Health Training Gallery