Dissection hall is built to accommodate 150 students at a time. It is well lit, well-ventilated with exhaust fans. There is ante-room for students and locker rooms separately for boys and girls. There are adequate teaching aids in the hall with audio-visual aids. In addition, there is an embalming room, storage tanks with dead bodies and cold storage.

Histology Laboratory is furnished with work benches fitted with water taps, sinks, cupboards for microscope storage and electric points for 90 students. The histology lab is attached with preparation room for technicians and storage of equipments.


Amphibian laboratory is furnished with continuous working tables, stainless steel washbasin, drawer and cupboard, electric point and with fire/steam proof top. There is separate preparation room attached to the Amphibian lab.

Mammalian laboratory is with fire/steam proof top and operating light. Laboratory is attached with instrument rack and large size wash-basins and cupboards for storing equipments. There is separate preparation room attached to the Mammalian lab.

Human Laboratory is well furnished with continuous working tables and stainless steel wash basin. Every working table is with one drawer and one cupboard, an electric point and with fire/steam proof top including provisions of light sources on each table. There is separate preparation room attached to the Human lab. There is also Clinical Physiology Laboratory with ten tables with mattresses and adjustable hand-end.


Practical Laboratory is with continuous working tables, separate seating arrangements and fitted with shelves and cupboards, water taps, sinks, electric and gas connections to accommodate 90 students. There is ante room for technicians, stores, preparation room, balance and distillation apparatus.


Every department is facilitated with a research lab which is spaciously designed in an area of 60 Sq. Mtrs. to carry out research works with respect to their departments. In order to provide Medical aid the research labs are utilized for eradication of diseases and improvement of health among poor public.

Promotion of research among the staff and students, outreach programs are inalienable and integral part of academic programs of the Institution which are essential to impart value based education. The acquired knowledge is disseminated through presentations at general specialty conferences, workshops, seminars and publications at both national and international level.

Laboratories & Research Labs